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Gamble Farm Grandview Hotel

Originally a 9 room single-story motel, Gamble Farm Grandview Hotel is now a contemporary two-story hotel with 18 guest-suites as well as front office.  With amazing views of the Susquehanna River just across the street, the owner was looking for a facelift to the existing motel as well as more height to take full advantage of Mother Nature’s beauty.  Trying to keep most of the original structure in place, we added a second story on top in addition to building an entire two-story addition on the back side of the existing motel.  First floor suite entrances are from the front of the hotel and the second story suite entrances are from the rear of the building due to the grade of the site.  Any guest now spending time at Gamble Farm Grandview Hotel will have an unforgettable view no matter which suite they stay in.